Tuesday, November 28, 2023


“Amazon Prime Day I did this”

Dasique‧Rom&nd‧LG sales secret


△ Prioritize high-efficiency keywords △ Discover long-tail keywords △ Increase external traffic △ Build reviews/ratings △ Collaborate with local influencers.


This is the secret to K-beauty's sales increase on Amazon Prime Day. Daisyk, Rom&, and LG Household & Health Care competed with keywords and traffic. It took a strategic approach with great effort. They advertised their products with keywords and locked in consumers with marketing.


'Prime Day 2023' is a shopping event held for two days from the 11th to the 12th of this month. It was conducted for Amazon paid membership members. Prime Day performance reflects consumer demand and shopping patterns in the United States. It is important enough to affect Amazon's stock price. 


During this period, Amazon Prime members purchased approximately 375 million products through discount deals. K-beauty brands recorded stable sales growth.


Dasique's sales increased by 3300% compared to the daily average 


Makeup brand dasique is a brand new to Amazon. We participated in this Prime Day with the goal of securing traffic and improving awareness.


Dasique's sales on Prime Day were 3300% higher than the daily average. Revenue-to-advertisement (ROAS) more than tripled from a week ago.


Seo Ju-hee, manager of Dasique's overseas business department, said, "From the moment of launch, we focused on promoting our main products. She discovered high-efficiency keywords and long-tail keywords and linked them to sales,” she said.


“We plan to use the same strategy for Amazon Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday this year,” he said.


LG Household & Health Care stakes its life on reviews and ratings


For the first time , LG H&H 's Korean headquarters directly participated in Amazon Prime Day in the US. Sales increased 11 times compared to the daily average in the second quarter.


The company opened a brand store on Amazon in the US and worked hard to gain exposure. It expanded its contact points with Amazon consumers in North America and promoted its products.


An official from LG Household & Health Care said, “We used various branding tools from Amazon. We have steadily accumulated customer data and secured excellent reviews and ratings.”


ROM&ND “Loyal Customer 90 Day Target Marketing”


Rom&nd went all-in on loyal customers. Target marketing was strengthened to capture loyal customers. For 90 days, intensive promotion was carried out to consumers who searched for ROM&ND on Amazon. Using Amazon Advertising Tools. After storing consumer behavior data, high-profile advertisements were repeatedly sent before Prime Day. 


In addition, Asia B&C, a distributor of ROM&ND, joined hands with a local influencer to increase external traffic.


Hwang Jong-seo, CEO of Asia BNC, said, "With ROM&ND, we participated in Prime Day for the third time in Japan and the first in Europe and Singapore."


“On Prime Day, sales were 11 times higher than on weekdays. We worked hand in hand with influencers in each country to publicize the brand and secure external traffic. In addition, we paid attention to the inflow of traffic within Amazon by distributing marketing costs.”


The #1 selling household item... Cosmetics share 19%


On Amazon Prime Day, US consumers spent about $12.7 billion. This is 6.1% higher than last year's sale. Amazon did not disclose total Prime Day sales figures.


According to consumer data firm Numerator, an average Amazon customer spends $54.05 per order during Prime Day. Compared to last year, it increased by about $1.70. 65% of consumers who bought products from Amazon ordered more than once. Average spending per household was $155.67.


Cosmetics accounted for 19% of total sales at the event. The first place is household goods (28%). Household necessities (26%) and clothing/shoes (24%) came in second or third place.


Online credit commerce & mobile shopping↑


The focus of this Prime Day is online credit commerce and mobile shopping.


According to KOTRA's New York Trade Center, online foreign trade has surged due to high prices and interest rates. It is reported that the payment rate of 'Buy Now Pay Later (hereinafter referred to as BNPL)' has increased significantly. It is analyzed that consumer sentiment, which is concerned about inflation and an uncertain economic environment, is reflected.


Mobile shopping continues to grow. During Prime Day, 43.7% of online sales came from mobile. Convenient and fast mobile shopping has become a daily routine.


“The mobile shopping market has grown in the US market. Now is the time to provide a mobile-optimized shopping experience. It is also essential to increase the elasticity of payment. “We need to look at the consumption trends and product preferences of American consumers and reflect them in our product and marketing strategies.”