Tuesday, November 28, 2023


"Go away from Myeongdong overpriced rates!" after price check

Jung-gu prepares an improvement plan with the Seoul Metropolitan Government/Myeongdong Special District Council


The act of overcharging foreign tourists in Myeong-dong is put on a halt.


The government checks price gouging on major tourist products, including cosmetics. 


Seoul’s Jung-gu (head of the district, Kim Gil-seong) announced that it would go into Myeong-dong street management supervision. Together with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, we will examine the behavior of inflating prices in cosmetics stores and restaurants and come up with improvement plans. Service improvement education and campaigns are also held to eradicate price gouging.


Jung-gu, Seoul, met with the Myeong-dong Special District Council on the 7th to discuss plans to improve the price gouging. The Myeong-dong Special District Council and the Myeong-dong Merchant Association form a countermeasure group to conduct crackdowns this month. It plans to inspect Myeong-dong street vendors for violation of business hours, disorder and sanitation management, and illegal pile-up.


It also promotes and manages price labeling. This is to ensure that consumers know the selling price in advance.


In particular, Jung-gu, along with Seoul City, will look into △ overpriced prices at cosmetics stores △ inflating prices of restaurants and taxis △ illegal lodging establishments △ violation of the trademark law △ poor cleaning around stalls △ hygiene management of restaurants in preparation for food poisoning.


Jung-gu continues to crack down on Myeong-dong so that this crackdown does not end once. It is in cooperation with the Myeong-dong Special Tourism Zone Council and the Myeong-dong Merchant Association. Long-term measures are also established for the continuous development of the Myeongdong commercial district. The goal is to create a 'trustworthy and sought after Myeongdong, revisited Myeongdong'. 


Kim Gil-seong, head of Jung-gu, said, “As the quarantine measures against Corona 19 were lifted, the Myeong-dong commercial district regained vitality. It has started maintenance so that foreign tourists can visit Myeong-dong safely. We will find ways to improve with merchants and plant a positive image of Korean tourism.”