Monday, May 20, 2024

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Published paper on ‘Protocatechuic Acid (PCA) Derivative’ by ACTIVON

Bologna EUBCE 2023 Conference… Confirmation of the potential of sustainable cosmetic materials

ACTIVON Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon-gi Cho), a company specializing in research and development of cosmetic materials, participated in the 'European Biomass Conference&Exhibition 2023' (hereinafter referred to as EUBCE, June 5-8) held in Bologna, Italy, and presented materials newly developed through poster thesis presentations. identified the market potential for


EUBCE is the world's largest biomass conference and exhibition. With the goal of accelerating global research and market share every year, top-notch talent and the latest trends in the biomass field can be gauged at once.


During the conference/exhibition, more than 2,000 experts from related academia and industry create a place to share and discuss innovative ideas, technologies, applications, and solutions for sourcing, production, and usefulness of biomass.


ACTIVON Co., Ltd. presented a poster thesis on 'Protocatechuic acid (PCA) derivative material' at EUBCE this year.



Poster papers on protocatechuic acid derivative materials include △ use of fermented protocatechuic acid △ production of protocatechuic acid derivatives through esterification of various alcohols △ anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and whitening effects.


In particular, it is evaluated that it can be meaningful in that it was able to confirm the potential of protocatechuic acid derivatives as a new and promising alternative for sustainable cosmetic ingredients.


A company official said, “We were able to identify not only cosmetics but also sustainable chemical technologies and market trends through the presentation of sustainable cosmetic material poster papers and the exchange of research status and knowledge on biomass-based chemical technologies at the EUBCE conference. We will accelerate the development of technology and products.”


ACTIVON Co., Ltd. is carrying out its mission to lead the global cosmetics material market by continuously investing in research and development based on high-level technology and research-oriented management mindset.


'EUBCE 2024' is scheduled to be held in Marseille, France in June next year.