Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate Policy

APR joins 'unicorn company' attracting KRW 1 trillion pre-IPO

Investment in CJ OnStyle... Anticipation of beauty device + distribution synergy

APR has attracted pre-listing equity investment from CJ OnStyle, whose corporate value is estimated at 1 trillion won. APR, a global beauty tech company, was evaluated as a unicorn company.


APR (CEO Kim Byung-hoon) announced on the 14th that it had attracted a pre-IPO investment from CJ OnStyle with a corporate value of 1 trillion won, on the Electronic Disclosure System of the Financial Supervisory Service. This investment was made exclusively by CJ OnStyle. This is the second time this year after attracting pre-IPO investment, which was disclosed in March.


It is analyzed that this investment was driven by the sales performance and technology of the APR beauty device brand 'AGE-R'.


As of May of this year, the AGE-R Beauty device achieved cumulative sales of 1 million units at home and abroad. It has established itself as a beauty device leading the home beauty era. Sales of Booster Healer, which was introduced in July of last year, and Eyeshot and Bodyshot, which were released in March and May this year, are also rising.



It is judged that the synergy effect between APR and CJ OnStyle is also great.


CJ OnStyle is a distribution company with TV home shopping, e-commerce, and mobile live channels. APR strengthened its differentiation by expanding its product line from the face to the body. It is a view that the ripple effect is high when the AR Beauty device is combined with CJ OnStyle's distribution network.


Through this investment, APR has risen to the level of a unicorn company. Unicorn is a title given to a company that has achieved a corporate value of 1 trillion won before listing. Unicorn is based on the announcement of CB Insights, a global market research company, and the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business.


APR raised its corporate value based on earnings growth in 2022 and recent investment attraction. Considering the company's △ R&D center 'ADC' (APR Device Center) opening △ production capacity expansion plan △ company's performance increase △ growth potential of the beauty device market, it is evaluated that the perceived value has exceeded the baseline for a unicorn company.


APR is preparing for an IPO with the goal of submitting a preliminary review at the end of the third quarter or early fourth quarter of this year. In November of last year, Shinhan Investment & Securities was selected as the representative organizer of the initial public offering (IPO).


An official from APR said, “Following the pre-IPO with a corporate value of 700 billion won in March, the corporate value of 1 trillion was recognized. This is the result of proving the company's growth potential and vision. It plans to focus its capabilities on planning, development, and production of beauty devices. It is a strategy to achieve higher corporate value by dominating the future beauty market.”