Monday, May 20, 2024

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Daebong CBD Ceramide, passed the examination by the Chinese and European Patent Offices following the US

A form similar to 'Endocannabinoid' that exists in the human body... Reinforcement of skin barrier and role in pain management


Daebong LS (CEO Park Jin-oh), a company specializing in the development and production of raw material medicines and cosmetic materials, passed the patent for 'new similar ceramide compound and its use' in China and Europe following the US.


As the definition of skin care evolves to restore and protect the natural skin health, interest in skin barrier management is also growing.


According to a report by Mintel, a market research institute, 70% of French women consider themselves to have sensitive skin. As a reflection of this, the release of products containing ceramide, which is a representative ingredient that helps strengthen the skin barrier and is recognized as one of the three major components of skin lipids, is also on the rise.


Meilishuxing's big data, China's largest application that provides analysis of harmful ingredients in cosmetics, shows that the most important part of the purchase factors for beauty care products among Chinese college students in 2021 was product ingredients, which protects and protects the health of the skin barrier that has collapsed due to wearing a mask. The results show that moisturizing ingredients are the most preferred.


Daebong LS’ CBD ceramide, which obtained a patent this time, is an ‘Endocanabinoid’ that exists in the human body (unlike other cannabinoids found in hemp). It has a similar form to ceramide and has a structure similar to that of ceramide.


As a human body-friendly material, it can be expected to play a role in not only strengthening the skin barrier but also managing pain.


In particular, CBD ceramide is not related to vegetable CBD and exists in the human body, so it is free from legal and safety issues, it has a similar structure to human CBD, so when applied to the skin, it can produce the same effect of skin soothing and barrier strengthening, and △ skin It is noteworthy in that it is a high-efficiency derma ingredient that has been confirmed to improve moisturizing, improving skin 2.5mm moisturizing, and calming physically stimulated skin.


An official from the company's research institute said, “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of 'skin health' has become commonplace. In particular, demand for skin barrier management, which has been weakened by wearing masks, has also increased. The patented product is a material that meets the needs of global consumers by combining not only moisturizing but also soothing effects from external stimuli, so it is expected to attract attention not only in China but also in the US and European markets.” We are conducting follow-up research to incorporate technology that can promote skin growth, and we expect that the skin barrier improvement and moisturizing effect will further improve.”