Monday, May 20, 2024


Brand Insight-NDEARGO-'Antioxidation & Vitality Care' brand to lead clean beauty with 'hemp energy'

The first lineup with toner, ampoule, and cream trio… “Simple yet highly valuable and satisfying experience”

How would you sum up the cosmetic trends currently sweeping the world in one word? It's 'clean beauty'.


After China, where K-beauty has been targeting and occupying the top market for the past 10 years, what is the next market? The United States is the largest single market in the world.


What would be the key ingredients and raw materials that can satisfy the latest cosmetic development trends and future markets (country/region)? It is 'Hemp' (industrial hemp).


A new brand has emerged that meets these prerequisites. 'NDEARGO', which advocated 'vital care', is the main character.


Brand concept


NDEARGO, which has been revealed through preliminary work such as market research and marketing research for nearly two years, has the confidence that it has a concept and product quality suitable for the period and effort.


The brand concept of an 'effective vital care brand' is put forward by adding 'full of vitality' to the three keywords 'nature-friendly', 'effective' and 'clean'.


In addition, △ 'antioxidant care brand' that contains the antioxidant power of hemp seed △ 'clean beauty brand' that expects a clean earth, health, and lively daily life △ optimal ingredients that can exert synergy with hemp seed for maximum efficacy It clearly emphasizes that it is a brand that delivers.


Who is the brand for?

NDEARGO's brand persona is 'worker, 28 years old, woman'. Their lifestyle can be summarized as △ comfortable but fashionable △ Instagrammable cafe tour △ preference for vegan restaurants and bakeries that clearly reflect their interest in health and the environment △ improvisation rather than planning and execution.


They are interested in information through YouTube and Instagram and are accustomed to making purchases through it. I am sincere in the review of the product of interest. Searching for price comparison is not preferred in terms of inefficiency.


For this target, the tone and manner that  NDEARGO pursues is 'NDEARGO, a clean, natural-friendly and lively antioxidant care brand-simple yet highly valuable, simple yet satisfying product experience'.


Line composition - 'Hamp energy' stronger than stimulus

The NDEARGO line △ comfortably 'soothes' irritated skin due to various external factors △ 'firmly' by recovering the traces of the years that have lost tension and loosened up △ brightens the complexion that has become dull due to fatigue and stress even from a distance by giving 'brightness'. We pursued a design to present a fundamental solution to complex skin concerns.


Along with the birth of the brand, there are three items introduced: △ Hemp Energy Moist Toner △ Hemp Energy Glow Ampoule △ Hemp Energy Barrier Cream.


The key ingredients that fully reflect the brand identity are 'Hamp Seed Extract' and 'Hamp Seed Oil'. Hemp is already recognized for its value as the most 'hot' ingredient in the world's largest cosmetics market, the United States.


This ingredient is △ an ingredient for next-generation clean beauty △ contains rich nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and 6 and amino acids and minerals △ perfect balance of nutrients such as linoleic acid, vitamin E, carotene, plant sterol and calcium, etc. It is gaining popularity as the best raw material for beauty.


The three ingredients added here are also enough to attract attention. It adopts 'Jeju-made' ingredients that can most faithfully express the clean beauty concept.


△ 'Jeju Green Persimmon Extract' that realizes care full of tension for pores and skin texture with the skin convergence function of green persimmon extract grown under the clean Jeju summer light △ 'Jeju Organic Green Tea' that cares for dull skin texture due to stress as if it had just been washed 'Water' △ 'Jeju CL Ferment Water' obtained by fermenting camellia flowers and lotus petals from Jeju supports the function of hemp, a key ingredient.


■ NDEARGO Hemp Energy Moist Toner: Responsible for the first step of 'light but perfect' moisturizing. It is a deep moist toner that can maximize the effect of care that will lead to the next step. The 70% hemp seed extract provides clear and firm hemp energy to the skin.


Moisture Star, a patented ingredient extracted from okra that contains cactus extract that has a calming function and provides a refreshing feeling and relieves skin irritation caused by moisture loss, and vitamins A, B, C, and mucin to help restore tired and lost skin, Moisture Star, etc. Play a role in creating synergies.


It is highly usable as 'cleaning toe' or 'chopto'. It is a product that combines the function of a mild toner with a softening effect, fast absorption, and a subtle glow.


■ NDEARGO Hemp Energy Glow Ampoule: The oil layer and the ampoule layer mixed in a golden ratio moisturize both the outside and the inside of the skin. The rich moisturizing feeling and non-sticky finish add freshness. After the fresh feeling at first, moistness continues over time.


In addition to the core ingredients, the 8-layer hyaluronic acid ‘Hya Octa Complex’, which fills the sense of moisture in the form of low molecular weight, medium molecular weight, and high molecular weight, △ ‘Acerola extract’, which relieves skin inflammation with quercetin and realizes complexion care of vitamins, functions together. product.


■ NDEARGO Hemp Energy Barrier Cream: This product is designed as a highly moisturizing cream that gently adheres to the warmth of the skin. Moisture is maximized, but the residual feeling is 'zero'.


The optimal combination of moisture and oil solves inner dryness and forms a moisture film. It is a product for refreshing 'antioxidant care' all year round. Contains 10% of hemp seed oil to create an antioxidant moisturizing barrier.


Four types of Western herbs extracted with solid fermentation technology and maximized efficacy, 'Beautiful Herb Story™', a patented ingredient, contribute to skin elasticity care and inflammation relief.


Abundant nutrients such as protein, vitamins B, C, E, lipids, and minerals in Moringa extract, which is called the 'miracle tree', are responsible for skin health and firm care.