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Company Insight-LB Cosmetics: Based on R&D Power, Establishing a Stronghold in the Overseas Market

New product 'Ibelif Eye Wash Care·Luxury PDRN Ampoule' and another resolution to make an emergency


LB Cosmetic's overseas market penetration has reaped remarkable results, raising its value as a K-beauty evangelist and vanguard.


In particular, based on the experience throughout the entire process of cosmetics research and development (R&D), production, and distribution, accumulated over the past few decades, K-beauty, especially skin care brands and products, are proud of their quality. It is building a stronghold by increasing its influence in exports to China and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand.



It is evaluated that LB Cosmetics' quality-oriented products, developed and supplied with a focus on safety and health, play a large role in the background of such success.


Realization of a new concept of eye health care 'Ibelif Eye Wash Care'


LB Cosmetics has recently developed a new product equipped with a new concept and function, and is preparing for another flight. It introduced innovative items that could lead the market, such as 'Eyebelif Eye wash care' and 'Luxury PDRN Ampoule'.


Regarding this, LB Cosmetics said, “Modern people exposed to electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and mobile phones accumulate eye fatigue and are prone to problems with eye health and vision. Eventually, eye health has already become an essential management target.” Pointing out, “Excellent eye care products have emerged as a new demand from consumers, and the newly developed iBelief Eye Wash Care was designed to protect the eyes from these external and daily living environments.”


LB Cosmetics not only carefully selected safe and highly effective ingredients while developing Ibelif Eye Wash Care, but also focused on applying recipes based on science.


In other words, by reducing the damage to eye health caused by electromagnetic waves and radiation, and at the same time supplying moisture and necessary nutrients in a timely manner, it is effective in △ improving eye immunity, △ relieving eye fatigue and stress, △ removing makeup residues and foreign substances.


Safer care is possible through prescription close to the pH of the eye. It succeeded in minimizing eye irritation by not using preservatives.


LB Cosmetics said, "Ibelif Eye Wash Care attracted the attention of consumers of all ages as soon as it was launched, and became a new popular product especially for students' eyesight protection." "For consumers who wear eye makeup and wear contact lenses, I am using this product to keep the skin around the eyes moist, along with the reputation that it is effective in removing foreign substances around the eyes and eyes.”


At the same time, it is recognized as a 'must-have item' for eye care by directly experiencing △ nutrition for the elderly and a significant reduction in itching and dryness △ office workers relieving eye stress, improving work efficiency, and maintaining vitality.


Based on these efficacy, effect, and function, it started gaining popularity in Korea and is currently increasing its dominance in major Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.


'Luxury PDRN Ampoule' for home beauty care

Another ambitious product, the luxury PDRN ampoule, is a highly functional and highly efficient skin care product launched by LB Cosmetics researchers after a long period of research and development.


It realizes home beauty care by applying a recipe emphasizing science, with 'PDRN' (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide, salmon semen or testis DNA extract polymer mixture) ingredient, which is in the limelight in the field of medical beauty, as the core.


The PDRN component is recognized as a tissue regeneration material and a material that promotes the self-regeneration of damaged cells and tissues. By exerting an effect on anti-aging and regeneration, it promotes collagen production and gives energy to aging skin to help restore vitality.


As a simple and convenient home skin care product that allows you to enjoy skin care effects that you can get at a skin care shop, this product also began to attract consumers' attention and popularity upon its launch, and it is gaining a reputation especially on social platforms.


The research team of LB Cosmetics explained, “LB Cosmetics is responding to the market demand, which is becoming more subdivided, by investing in the development of ‘slim skin care’ products for sensitive skin.” Reduce cumbersome skin care steps by designing and applying more elaborately. For consumers with sensitive skin, it will reduce irritation while providing time and cost savings.”


Along with this, “We will provide a new, higher-level skin care experience to domestic and overseas consumers, and strive to make more consumers experience the charm of K-beauty, going beyond China and Southeast Asia, which are the current main markets. We will expand our dominance to advanced cosmetic countries such as Europe,” he emphasized.


Beyond China, Southeast Asia and Europe, 'straight, straight again'

Received the ‘3 Million Dollar Export Tower’ in a short period of time… Winning and winning with product differentiation

The brand power and product power of LB Cosmetics are showing greater light in the overseas market. As if to prove this, it proved its true worth by winning the '3 Million Dollar Export Tower' award at the Trade Day ceremony last year.


Based on its solid R&D power, it is strengthening its market dominance in China and other Chinese-speaking countries, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


Analysts say that the reason why they were able to raise such export performance within a short period of time was because they were able to develop and supply the most effective products based on research on the skin characteristics and management methods of consumers in the respective countries.


In particular, it is noteworthy that products with cleaning (chuckling) function or health food are applied by being faithful to the basic concept of 'safety and health'. Recently, it is also focusing on developing specialized products targeting consumers with sensitive skin, which has rapidly increased due to the influence of the Corona 19 pandemic.


LB Cosmetics, which owns and operates about 50 items in various categories such as skin care, mask pack, cleansing, eye care, and makeup, is also making bold investments in the development of slim skin care products.


A high-ranking official from LB Cosmetics said, "We will not be satisfied with the 3 million dollar export tower award, but will accelerate the development of products with new concepts, functions, and differentiation." We will focus on market analysis and further strengthen our image as a leading K-beauty company.”