Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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FromBio confirms mastic gum relieves hair loss

Significant results were obtained by using hair and scalp for 24 weeks… Expansion of cosmetics business


FromBio (CEO Shim Tae-jin) completed a human application test on candidate substances including water-soluble mastic gum and Ecklonia tree leaf extract to develop a hair loss mitigating functional product, confirmed the hair loss mitigating effect, and promoted the strengthening of the cosmetics business. established a bridgehead.


FromBio commissioned Seoul Cosmetics last April to conduct a human application test on the function of relieving hair loss symptoms of candidate substances, including water-soluble mastic gum and Ecklonia tree leaf extract.


In a test conducted for a total of 24 weeks on male and female adults aged 18 to 54 with androgenetic alopecia, subjects were asked to use a sample of 'From Bio Mastic Hair Loss Relief Shampoo' once a day on their hair and scalp .


Significant differences were confirmed in the number of hairs in the test group and the control group after 16 weeks and 24 weeks of the test. In the case of the control group, the number of hairs decreased after 16 weeks of the test compared to before the test, but in the case of the test group, it was confirmed that the number of hairs did not decrease significantly compared to before the test.


Through this, FromBio confirmed that the water-soluble mastic gum and Ecklonia tree leaf extract helped alleviate the symptoms of hair loss, while at the same time proving the safety of the raw materials as there were no special adverse reactions in all study subjects during the test period.


Based on the test results, FromBio will start developing hair care products that alleviate hair loss symptoms.


Frombio, a company specializing in health functional foods that possesses individually approved functional ingredients such as boswellia extract, mastic gum, and African mango seed extract, is expanding its business into cosmetics based on these technologies.