Monday, May 20, 2024

New technology

Ellead Co., Ltd., launched a new hair loss relief evaluation service

Completed establishment of 'hair follicle organoid' utilization system... Signing a contract with a global company is imminent


Ellead Co., Ltd. (CEO Kyung-soo Byun), a human body application test institute, completed the establishment of a dual evaluation system with △ short-term attribute evaluation technology for selecting candidates for hair loss mitigation and △ in-depth evaluation technology for long-term efficacy evaluation, and provides related services in earnest. do.


This evaluation system of Ellead Co., Ltd. is a research activity that has been carried out through the signing of an MOU with Kyungpook National University and Ajou University in February of last year for 'research on hair loss mitigation and hair efficacy evaluation using hair follicle organoids and technology transfer'.



The related technology was already showcased at the In-Cosmetics Global 2023 (Barcelona, ​​Spain) held at the end of March, and has received great attention and attention from global cosmetic raw materials and manufacturers.


Afterwards, it was introduced in the hair care session of the in-cosmetics global webinar, which was held under the theme of 'current trends in the field of evaluation among the challenges of the cosmetics and beauty industry', drawing attention to the research achievements.



Follicles-like organoids refer to three-dimensional biological hair-like tissues with structures and functions similar to those of human hair follicles.


Dermal papilla cells isolated and proliferated from adult hair tissue are fluorescently stained (Red), and the dyed keratinocytes (Green) are simultaneously cultured in vitro on a micropatterned particle plate to prepare hair follicle organoids, which can be used to change the growth of keratinous tissue. Through this, it is possible to evaluate the efficacy of candidate substances.


When 60 hair follicle organoids are formed per well on a 96-well plate, they are analyzed using an optimized high-magnification fluorescence image capture and automatic image measurement and analysis system (HCS).


Through this, it is possible to quickly analyze the efficacy and characteristics of various candidate substances based on big data. Furthermore, it is expected that the hair-related gene and protein expression analysis service for analyzing the efficacy mechanism of raw materials can also be launched in earnest.


Ellead Co., Ltd. “Currently, we are about to sign evaluation contracts with multinational companies regarding the service, and we plan to promote the technology at specialized exhibitions on a global scale, and show the results that have advanced one step further at the academic and industrial level.” said.