Monday, May 20, 2024

New technology

Kolmar Korea opens 'Eco-friendly Paper Container Season 2'

Development and commercialization of 'paper stick'... Applying lip balm, multi balm, and sun stick, reducing plastic use by 86%

Kolmar Korea (CEO Choi Hyun-kyu) has re-proven its status as a leading company and its development technology with eco-friendly paper sticks.


Kolmar Korea announced that it had succeeded in developing a stick-type cosmetic container made of non-wood paper. It can be said that this is an eco-friendly package research and development achievement achieved in about three years following the successful commercialization of the paper tube for the first time in the world.


Paper stick is an eco-friendly cosmetic container that replaces the plastic container used for lip balm, multi balm, and sun stick with paper. Except for the back cover that fixes the product, everything is made of paper. The use of plastic was also minimized by using eco-friendly products from HDC Hyundai EP, including 51% paper, for the back cap. This technology reduced the use of plastic by 86% compared to the existing stick-type container.



The core body uses non-wood 'paper mineral paper' (Stone Paper). Mineral paper is made from scrap stones discarded from quarries and mines. It is an eco-friendly material that is naturally decomposed by light when discarded and returns to its original form of stone powder.


It is characterized by high durability and water resistance, so it is not easily torn and is waterproof and moisture proof. It is known as an eco-friendly material because replacing 1 ton of ordinary paper with mineral paper can save 20 trees and 28,000 liters of water.


The paper stick, which everyone is familiar with, applied the method of using colored pencils. Just like the colored pencils I used to play with as a child, I considered cosmetics to be fun to use. It also has the advantage of being completely usable without leaving any product behind.


In this regard, Kolmar Korea plans to introduce products using the container from the second half of the year through a proposal from a customer.



Kim Hyeong-sang, managing director of the Design Group, said, “We have secured an eco-friendly future growth engine following paper tubes by developing paper stick containers.”


The paper tube, which Kolmar Korea commercialized for the first time in the industry in 2020, is an eco-friendly cosmetic container that reduces the amount of plastic used in the main body by 80%, excluding the cap, which is unavoidable. Recently, three types of paper tubes that can contain various capacities and formulations have been further developed and are about to be released.