Monday, May 20, 2024

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Daebong Jeju Active Complex, US patent registration

Recognized skin barrier protection function... A promising player to lead the clean beauty trend


Daebong LS (CEO Park Jin-oh), a company specializing in R&D and production of cosmetic materials and raw materials, has completed patent registration in the US for 'Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Composition Containing Aloe Extract and Field Rice Extract'.


Recently, the increasing popularity and interest in clean beauty and vegan ingredients that are sweeping the world as well as the United States are leading to attention on cosmetics with high efficacy or multi-efficiency along with the elements of clean. As evidenced by this aspect, according to Mintel's report, 44% of consumers trust brands with proven efficacy, so-called 'Skintellectual' (Skin+Intellectual) consumers are on the rise.


In the end, in order to meet the needs of these skin intellectuals, it is necessary to present ingredients that are clean and familiar, yet solve their own skin concerns and are effective.


Daebong LS's patent is 'Jeju Active Complex', which was developed by grafting technology that maximizes efficacy by targeting multi-efficiencies using aloe, field rice, cactus, echinacea, and perilla, which contain Jeju energy.


It activates all natural moisturizing factors related to moisture and moisturizing, strengthens the skin barrier with moisture, and contains natural active ingredient chikoric acid, which inhibits the expression of inflammatory factors and is excellent for protecting the skin barrier.


According to the company, this patent has been registered not only in Korea and the United States, but also in Europe, Thailand, and Indonesia.


Researchers at Daebong LS premise that “As the demand for products containing highly effective ingredients that can realize clean beauty increases, interest in clean derma cosmetics that can strengthen the skin’s natural function is increasing” and “corona 19 As demand for the management of weakened skin barriers increases after the pandemic, Jeju Active Complex is expected to grow into a product that will lead exports to global markets such as Indonesia and the United States.”