Monday, May 20, 2024

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Kolmar BNH, Bitter gourd extract in the US market

FDA Approves Individually Recognized Raw Materials for Suppression of Blood Sugar Rise... After attacking the global stage


Kolmar BNH (co-representatives Yoon Yeo-won and Kim Byeong-mook) developed a domestic health functional food (hereafter referred to as dry food) raw material that has been approved by the US FDA.


Kolmar BNH officially announced that "Individually recognized raw material immature bitter gourd extract powder has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI)." This means that it has been recognized for its quality and safety in the global market as well as the United States while passing the FDA examination, which is famous for its strict and demanding nature.


NDI is a system through which the FDA permits the use of newly developed ingredients for dry season food. It must pass a strict screening process such as raw material, production, toxicity test, and human application test.



The newly registered ingredient this time is immature bitter melon extract powder (Sugar Katcher S52™), which was researched and developed by the Food Science Research Institute under Kolmar BNH over the past six years. It has been proven that unripe Korean bitter gourd seeds, which do not have seeds, activate components that promote blood sugar consumption and inhibit body fat accumulation. Recently, it has developed a multifunctional dry season food with added milk thistle and ginkgo leaf extract, and is expanding its market share in the domestic market.


Kolmar BNH will use this U.S. FDA NDI approval as a stepping stone to develop products with improved functionality and intake of immature bitter gourd spirit extract powder and accelerate entry into domestic and overseas markets.


A company official gave meaning that “this NDI approval is proof of R&D technology in the global market” and made a commitment to “play a leading role in promoting K-dry food in the global market by continuing research on blood sugar-related dry food.” .