Monday, May 20, 2024

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Cosmax Bio 'Liserinji' Permanent Exhibition at Agricultural Museum

Indigenous ‘Hydrangea leaf hot water extract’, an individually approved raw material with triple functionality such as body fat reduction


Cosmax Bio (CEO Chul-Hee Kim), a health functional food research, development, and production (ODM) specialized company, will exhibit 'ReSeringe™,' a health functional food ingredient from hydrangea extract, successfully developed at the National Agricultural Museum.


The National Agricultural Museum, which opened in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do at the end of last year, is a complex cultural space designed to examine the history and future of agriculture in Korea through exhibitions and experiences.



Lyserinji, developed by Cosmax Bio, is permanently exhibited in the 'Modern Dietary Medicine and Animal Bio' section of the National Agricultural Museum. This case was selected as an exhibit in recognition of the fact that it pioneered various areas of application, such as medical and food, using native plants in Korea.


Lyserinji, introduced by Cosmax Bio in 2020, is an individually recognized raw material that has been recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its triple functionality, such as reducing body fat and improving skin health, as a 'hydrangea leaf hot water extract'.


As a result of the human application test, when taking Lyserinji, nine items such as weight, body mass index (BMI), and body fat percentage were reduced.


In particular, Lyserinji is meaningful in that it was developed using a native hydrangea that is different from the ornamental hydrangea developed in Japan. The native hydrangea is a native Korean plant that grows wild in the mountains of Jeju Island, and is free from the Nagoya Protocol, which stipulates biological sovereignty.


Based on these characteristics, Liserinji was selected as one of the '100 National R&D Excellence Achievements' in 2021. It also achieved the achievement of publishing a total of 6 papers in international SCI-level journals.


Dry food containing lyserinji will be introduced mainly through home shopping channels through customers. In particular, in the second half of this year, it plans to introduce a new product with enhanced functionality through joint development with Raeoi Economy, a health food brand run by the director of Oriental medicine doctor Lee Kyung-kyung.


CEO Chul-Hee Kim said, "This exhibition is a case where the achievements of material development using domestic native plants have been recognized."