Monday, May 20, 2024

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Beauty device restaurant APR “Now it’s the body”

Released ‘Medicube AIGR Body Shot’ for body skin care


APR has released 'Medicube AIGR Body Shot', a beauty device for body skin. With the introduction of AIGR Body Shot, it expands the scope of the beauty device market from the face to the body.


Medicube AGR is a beauty device brand of global beauty tech company APR (CEO Kim Byeong-hun).

AIGR Body Shot came out as a professional beauty device used on the body. It is an aspiration to open up the body care market beyond facial care.


Domestic and foreign beauty devices were developed with a focus on the face. Recently, as the standard of beauty has expanded to the entire body, consumer needs have also expanded to body skin. AIGR Body Shot can be used on various body skin types such as forearms, calves, abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It solves various body problems and makes the skin healthy and elastic. 


The center of body shot technology is high frequency (RF) and medium frequency (EMS) output from one device. Use the tongs attached to the device to bring the body part you want to manage into close contact with the device. High-frequency heat energy to the target area improves skin elasticity and relieves swelling. Then, mid-frequency stimulates stiff muscles to manage body lines and irregularities.


Since AIGR Bodyshot is a product that is used on the body, we focused on accurate instructions for use. It is equipped with a 'mild mode' that is applied to thin body parts such as forearms and calves, and a 'strong mode' that is used on the sides, thighs and buttocks. It is equipped with menus for each body type to increase skin care efficiency.


It also displays device temperature and the number of shots used on the device screen. It also guides consumers about the safety rules they need to know.


APR is pioneering the home beauty market at home and abroad with AGR. The AR beauty device exceeded 1 million units in cumulative sales both domestically and internationally. The goal is to solve the skin problems of consumers by distributing body care devices following the face.


A PR official said, “Body shots opened the era of body care. It plans to create a perception change in the home beauty device market, where products for the face are the main focus. We will distribute six types of beauty devices that provide advanced skin care functions to the global beauty market.”