Friday, February 23, 2024

Corporate Philosophy / Personality

Corporate Philosophy

KBM Co., Ltd. pursues a professional press that combines on-offline based on the four major corporate values ​​of 'professional press', 'right press', 'future press' and 'young press', thereby leading the globalization of the K-beauty industry and fulfill one's mission

company is

01 Professional media
We specialize in reporting and reporting on the beauty industry necessary to create the beauty of mankind and a brighter society.
02 Bareun Press
We do our best to maintain the ethics and dignity of reporters and exclude solicitation or pressure from advertisers or specific groups.
03 Future Press
Respond to the rapidly changing technological media environment of the times through constant investment, education and training.
04 Young Journalism
Securing human resources optimized for the media environment to constantly lead change and present a vision